Thursday, October 19, 2006

Winners of the 2006 LA International Latino Film Festival

It came and went quickly, leaving some good films in its dust. All in all, the festival didn't offer lots of "WOW"s but there were a few gems. Competition is now fierce with AFI and the Los Angeles Film Festival.

The following are winners of the 10th Annual Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival, presented at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood:

Best Film - Rita Award
Winner: Un Mundo Maravilloso Director: Luis Estrada Country: Mexico

Best Screenplay
Winner: Iluminados por el Fuego Director: Tristan Bauer Country: Argentina

Best Director
Winner: Barrio Cuba Director: Humberto Solás Country: Cuba

Special Mention- Best Actor
Damian Alcazar, Un Mundo Maravilloso Director: Luis Estrada Country: Mexico

Special Mention
Your Name is Justine Director: Franco de Peña Country: Poland

Winner: 7 Vírgenes Director: Alberto Rodriguez Country: Spain

Best Documentary
Winner: En el Hoyo Director: Juan Carlos Rulfo Country: Mexico

Special Jury Award
De Nadie Director: Tin Dirdamal Country: Mexico

Special Jury Award
Habana: Arte Nuevo De Hacer Ruinas / Havana: The New Art Of Making Ruins

Honorable Mention:
From Mambo to Hip Hop: A South Bronx Tale
Director: Henry Chalfant
Country: USA

Winner: Elsa y Fred Director: Marcos Carnevale Country: Argentina

A Maquina

Friday night's Brazilian feature, A Maquina, was as inventive as the main character. Tired of life in a crappy village (a recurring theme in this year's fest, see Flores de Otro Mundo post), the village beauty convinces the local mechanic to bring the world to her, Fox News style. Media madness ensues when he promises to go forward in time and see the future. Creative, colorful and fun, A Maquina was a great surprise.

Lucio Cabanas: La Guerrilla y La Esperanza

Thorough and well researched study of the great Mexican peasant leader of the 70's. Directed by Gerardo Tort (De La Calle), La Guerrilla y La Esperanza may be overly long and meandering but it's certainly complete.

Flores de Otro Mundo

Tuesday evening's Flores de Otro Mundo from Spain was a sobering yet tender look at immigration in Spain. When a village devoid of women throws a party to invite some possible future female companions, a Dominican, a Cuban and a woman from Bilbao find romance among the ruins. A hard look at the true repercussions of marriage, immigration and love.