Monday, April 27, 2009

COLCOA 2009 Awards

Top Prize: Eden is West
Special Prize: The First Day of the rest of your life
Audience Award: Welcome
Audience Special Mention: Mesrine
Short film Award: Make Yourself At Home
Short film Special Prize: Skhizein

A Day at the Museum and A French Gigolo

Designed to be a critique of the art world, the ensemble piece A Day At the Museum, turned out to be one of the most excruciating films I've seen in a while. Not only wasn't it funny, but this spoof of a pretentious world suffered from being pretty pompous itself. The film, which is an adaptation of a popular play also suffered from looking like a filmed play, the director here being a stage director, which resulted in creating a constant feeling of stagnation while cinema, contrary to plays is about movement. While some of the scenes only lasted a few brief moments, several scenes aiming at vehiculing a message were stretched, creating a sense of boredom onscreen. Despite an ensemble cast including some of the most popular figures of French cinema, A Day At the Museum not only fails to entertain but ends up being a major failure, like a bad piece of art.

Written and directed by French comedy star Josianne Balasko, A French Gigolo kicked off with a lot of Gallic charm but somewhat lost ground as soon as it started to oscillate between comedy and pathos without really finding itself. By turning abruptedly from comedy to drama, the film lost its welcome light tone, looking for morality and redemption through plot lines that strechted its running time.